Stop Smoking with Change Groceries

Smoking is one unhealthy habit that unfortunately still do a lot of people. There have been many ways expressed by the experts to get rid of nicotine addiction. You can chew gum particular, taking pills or drugs, exercise, meditation, active in several activities, to make some substantial changes in lifestyle.

However, if you want to actually be able to stop smoking and ways just were not able to resist the urge to smoke, then you need to try to change the type of food you eat every day.

Through a study conducted by experts from Duke University, food and drink caffeinated beverages such as meat and make us lose the taste for smoking. Furthermore, the researchers also have found that dairy products and fresh vegetables makes cigarettes taste worse.

Here are some foods and drinks that can help you to eliminate the habit of smoking, as summarized by the site UniqPost.

Milk and other dairy products

Many smokers say, after drinking a glass of milk, and the smoke does not bring a sense of satisfaction that is expected. Milk makes cigarettes taste very bitter and unpleasant. This can help reduce cravings and help get rid of nicotine addiction.

Juice Drinks

If you want to quickly stop smoking, try to eat more orange juice. Because, when someone smokes regularly, they will lose a lot of vitamin C, and their bodies will be used to exchange with some unnatural elements of nicotine. Some fruits such as oranges, lemons, black currants, and pomegranates are the best food for those who are trying to get rid of nicotine dependence.


Celery, along with other vegetables such as zucchini, beans, and cucumbers also affect the taste of cigarettes. In fact, scientists assess, much to consume meals may reduce nicotine dependence (as long as it does not consume alcohol). It also simultaneously explain why taste celery may help reduce cravings.

However, you need not worry if you do not like celery because it can be replaced with carrots celery. But remember, eating lots of vegetables sweet not too good because of the excessive amount of glucose activates the brain area responsible for pleasure and satisfaction related. Thus, glucose can stimulate the appetite.


Broccoli is a green vegetable which is very useful for everyone as it has a wide range of therapeutic properties. In particular, it helps to reduce the risk of lung disease, including lung cancer. Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a substance that increases the activity of NRF2 gene and protect the lungs from damage caused by toxins of nicotine. Unfortunately, the study found evidence that the therapeutic properties of broccoli does not work for smokers because nicotine killing activity of sulforaphane.

Red wine (red wine)

A glass of red wine a day lowers the risk of lung cancer in both smokers and non-smokers. Researchers from South California found that people who drank a glass of red wine each day had a 60 percent lower likelihood of developing lung cancer. Red wine has flavonoids and resveratrol, are also very useful for heart and blood (as it prevents blood clotting).

However, you also have to be careful and do not eat a lot of red wine because this situation will expose you to the two problems at the same time, the addiction to nicotine (cigarettes) and alcohol.