Still Hesitant To Become Vegetarian?

Many thought that states that a person is not going to work hard all day with only eating fruit, rice, and vegetables only aliases Vegetarian. Maybe anologi that is not appropriate, but cows, horses, and elephants show the strength to do the work and activities throughout the day, with only eat plants only grow.

Dr. Per Olof Astand, a Swedish scientist has conducted experiments to determine the best foods and to increase endurance for athletes. By selecting the nine athletes, he gave them a different diet for three days. The food menu is given as follows.

Phase 1

In this phase fed a mixture of meat, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and butter. After that, the athletes asked to ride a stationary bike. As a result they are able to average pedaling for 114 minutes.

Phase 2

In this phase given the high protein foods and animal fats, such as meat, fish, butter, and eggs. After that the athletes asked to ride a stationary bike. As a result they are able to average pedaling for 57 minutes.

Phase 3

In this phase given the high carbohydrate Vegetarian foods, such as bread, potatoes, corn, vegetables, and fruits. After that athletes are asked back pedaling stationary bicycles. As a result, they were able to average pedaling for 167 minutes.

From the results of these experiments shows that endurance athletes consume vegetarian menu is almost three times larger than they consume meat and other livestock. Power athletes who consume a vegetarian menu recover faster thus more ready to repeat the experiment, rather than the opposite.

Vegetarian Athletes Energy Secret World

Not surprisingly, most of the athletes in the world are vegetarians. Is the secret of winning athletes? If a person consumes food that contains carbohydrates, carbs it will be converted into glucose stored in the liver (liver) and in the form of muscle glycogen.

The content of glycogen in the muscles necessary for converting ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to ADP (adenosine diphosphate), which will produce power. Therefore, the more the number of carbohydrates consumed, the more power is generated. Meanwhile, the meat contains no carbohydrates at all so normal that one vegetarian will produce more power.

D. Enette Larson-Meyer, Associate Professor of the Department of Family and Consumer Science asserts that in general, vegetarians are healthier with the risk of heart disease and obesity, although there are vegetarian obesity. According Enette, if everyone ate less than one serving of meat per day will improve your health.