Cough can be cured by suggestion

Almost everyone must have had a cough in the day-to-day life. However, there is often misunderstanding the definition of cough itself. Coughing is often referred to as a disease that must be cured by taking medicine. In fact, the cough itself is not a disease.

Cough can occur due to the body’s defense mechanisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Activity and mechanisms could also indicate that we are hit by the symptoms of a disease. Coughing may also occur due to a body’s reaction to irritation in the throat due to the lender, food, dust, smoke, and various other causes. Cough more meaningful as a physiological reflex to protect the body and foreign objects entering the throat.

But if we are constantly hit by relentless coughing and seemed increasingly become worse over time, the physiological reaction can turn into a disease that is quite disturbing. Even if we underestimate the cough, it could be we are exposed to infection and irritation in the throat. Of course this will bring harm to ourselves.

Many people advised us to immediately drink cough medicine, both in the form of syrup or tablet. With mixed by various types of chemicals and also natural, especially for liquid cough medicine, we will feel a warm sensation thanks to the addition of these materials. But did you know that the cough can be cured only through our minds without having to take cough medicine?
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Slim Diet Should Not

To get the appropriate shape, many people are trying to run the advice from health experts that with regular exercise and a healthy diet program run if needed. However, sometimes you do not have time to exercise because of the tight time lived every day. When the weekend was, you feel more body requires more rest after fatigue on activity in midweek.

In the absence of a sport, does not mean you can not get the desired body shape. Launched by the Prevention of Indonesia, there are several ways you can do to make it happen. Here are the steps.

Drinking enough water
Drinking enough water is able to maintain the body to stay hydrated. That way your metabolism will remain intact, even faster. No wonder if the excess fat in your body will still burn even if you are not very active.

Have fun
Research shows stress conditions make you likely to want to eat sugary and high fat snack more than usual. Therefore, ensure that you still have time to rest. Do some fun things to pamper yourself, such as dancing and shopping. Unwittingly, these activities will burn calories by itself. Continue reading “Slim Diet Should Not”

7 Healthy Drinks White Water addition

Healthy beverage is not just mineral water. If you are required to drink 8 glasses of water a day, then you can give another option. Drink of the fruit are also advised to provide additional nutrients to the body.

To eat your lunch today, let alone a healthy beverage follows:

1. Pure Orange Juice

Protects against heart disease. Antioxidants in orange juice helps protect your heart by fighting inflammation that can cause damage to blood vessels. Consider this: People who eat fast food with a glass of orange juice has even less substance damaging free radicals in the blood arteries compared to those who ate a burger and fries with water, a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Is not that a good reason to choose juice? But note also the levels of sugar-one cup contains 21 grams and 122 calories.
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Recycling Waste, Waste = Breeding Bacteria

Not only on land and water, in the colon bacteria we were there. We are familiar with the bacteria. There’s even a “farm” bacteria, similar to cattle, sheep, or poultry, particularly in wastewater treatment sector. Therefore, operating costs and care relatively cheaper compared to chemical processing. Similarly, in the sector of domestic wastewater.

Bacteria capable of processing waste water because there is a “machine” in the cytoplasm. Aided by enzymes, both extracellular and intracellular, all organic pollutants in waste water can recycling . Pollutants that enter through the cell wall and then processed in the biomesin. As a result, in addition to energy, cell growth and reproduction, as well as other substances that are not pollutants.

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Watching Football Can Cause Death

No one can deny that football is the most popular sport in the world. There is also no doubt that the fans can sport these eleven eleven opponents have a very high level of fanaticism. Do not be surprised if one or a group of supporters seemed enthusiastic and passionate when watching a game involving his favorite team.

But apparently, passion and excessive enthusiasm when watching a football game can lead you to a sudden heart attack. Allegations that while circulating mentions that the heart attack was caused by stress and depressed feeling when watching your favorite team lose or even your idol attacker to waste the opportunity to score against your opponent.

Daily Mail site even mentioned that a fan of the Dutch national team had breathed his last when he had witnessed the hero must come out of the 1996 European Cup. More away again, local researchers say that a heart attack and stroke increased by 50 percent when the Netherlands was hit France in the round of penalty kicks.

Professor Diederick Grobbee and his fellow researchers say that increased levels of stress that can cause heart attacks are caused by alcohol consumption, excessive eating, and combined by cigarettes smoked continuously throughout the game 2×45 minutes.
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Tree Day 2012

Our lives depend on trees or vegetation. The oxygen in the blood spread in the form of HbO2 derived from the photosynthesis of trees and other plant chlorophyll. Certainly no difference in functionality between the trees, shrubs, and grasses. But as a source of oxygen and a reductant carbon dioxide (CO2), all crops contributed to the sustainability of animal and human life on the planet.

Teak, mahogany, tamarind, acacia, mango, coconut, corn and rice useful for human life, directly indirectly, either as “food, clothing, and hair.” Tall and short plants small, also the bonsai, it remains useful to humans. Even parasites too, there must be a point, but the man who has not managed to find the benefits. Parasite steal food from a mango tree, kedondong, guava, even from jatropha. He could grow bigger in there. Likewise, women who do not strap chlorophyll, which clearly parasites to clump tea fence, undiscovered benefits for animals and humans. Continue reading “Tree Day 2012”

Teacher humiliated, Reaching Even the Nobel Prize

There is no fool. That there are people who are lazy or those who are not ready to learn. A high school student “humiliated” by her teacher for being unable to teach physics. Repeatedly treated so, made her heart hurt. It’s not worth the teacher insulted his student, let alone drop it. There is a strong student who receives insults, some are fragile and easily give up, like most human character. So is this a high school student, he thinks positive Fortunately, consider slur his teacher as a whip to move forward. No half-hearted, to prove that he was capable of in the field of physics, he then entered into the physics department. He was desperate studying physics even though the value is low. Having taken the trouble to learn, a college degree was finally achieved. Again, with a low value, the lowest even among his friends. Continue reading “Teacher humiliated, Reaching Even the Nobel Prize”

Enchantment Sea World Indonesia

Is a mangrove forest (mangrove) who started the charm of the sea. But unfortunately, we belatedly realized the “green belt” of this beach, which covers ever reached 4.25 million ha or 22% of the 17 million ha in the world. Now the extent of not more than 3 million ha! Fact may be much reduced. Even so, with the 30’s ecosystem of mangrove species is still a role in biogeochemical cycles, a habitat for flora and fauna and the provider of 80% of commercial fisheries resources. Huge role!

As the “architect of the beach”, he grows unevenly spread at 17,000-an island, along the 81,000 km of coastline and extends into the shallow sea. Usually the roots grow in the mud, but there is also growing on the reef, a type of animal phyla Coelenterata mutualism and symbiosis, mutual benefit. Mangrove necessary for the growth of coral reefs while scouring CO2 avoided due to photosynthetic taken by mangroves. Continue reading “Enchantment Sea World Indonesia”

We delight, anguish they

He picked up a smoldering cigarette butt that. Dad accidentally left a cigarette nearby. At that time, Tika still 5 th grade. Wanting to try as what he liked smoking, he suck. After the smoke entering her mouth shocked Tika. He said, smoking is delicious, but Tika just feel the opposite. He coughed up the eyes and runny nose. Since then, Tika no longer wish to smoke. But the problem with a different father. Ten years later one, the father still smoking.

According to Tim, who is currently attending college, you started smoking since age 18 or 19 years. Dad started smoking because disappointed did not make the Indonesian Air Force, because he just graduated from secondary technical schools. One day, 49-year-old man could spend a pack of cigarettes. Before leaving for work, smoking. After work, smoking. Before eating, smoking. After eating, smoking again. Almost every do something, always interspersed with smoking. “If you do not smoke, sour mouth,” says the father.
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Face and Body Care

Women definitely like to do still care to look beautiful, of course. Many women are willing to spend money excessively in order to get the perfect beauty. Ranging from hair care, doing facials and body, and so forth.

There are many ways for a woman to care for the face and body beauty. There is a spa, sauna, facials, full-blooded aura, cream bath, rebounding, and so much more. One of the most popular ways is the spa, especially to women metropolitan glamor-hungry body.

Spices Spa for Beauty

As a country that has many ingredients of spices, no one feels Indonesia has many traditional ways to pamper the skin. There are many types of herbal and traditional ingredients for nutritious and health and beauty.
From ancient times, the use of herbs that have been performed. By because it is made from natural ingredients, of course, savor the spices better than chemical drugs.

With the spa, your skin color is uneven and rough will be maintained. In addressing skin problems, spa highly recommended. Perform facial and body treatments at the spa does not have to be done at the salon. You can also wash the spices at home. Surely there are some preparations you should do.

The first is to set up some natural spices to soak. That way, your body will feel more fresh, a clean body, the skin will look younger and smoother, and tense your muscles will be reduced.

Spices that can be used as material for a spa, among others, pandan leaves, turmeric, saffron, Intersection dribbles and much more. However, if lazy to prepare yourself, of course you can come to beauty salons. Yes. Currently, there are many beauty salons that offer various types of treatment, one spa spices

Soak the herbs in their own homes instead of the hard way, you can prepare yourself. Choosing the spices to your liking, then boil the herbs with water about 2 liters.

Once the water is boiling turn off the stove and let stand about 5 minutes. If so, take the herbs and water was mixed with cold water to get warm. Air herbs are ready to be used for bathing.

Spa Beauty of Fruit

Other natural ingredients that can be used for spa are fruits. With so many vitamins contained, it could make your skin and body to be more beautiful and good.

The types of fruit are efficacious for the treatment of facial and body are pineapple, mandarin oranges, and coconut. Spa with use of these materials is more appropriate for hair care. With vitamins and fatty acids contained, your hair will look beautiful sparkling.

Here are some other properties that fruit can help you care for the face and body.

Pineapple is a fruit that is rich in bromelain which serves to clean the dead skin cells on the skin. By using it, your skin will look more youthful.

How to make pineapple is to add 3 tablespoons of flour. Once thoroughly mixed, you can rub it all over your body.


Of course you already know what the benefits of this fruit. Yes. That’s right. Jicama is a fruit that can lighten skin body. You can make a natural scrub Jicama own home. With regular maintenance using jicama, your body will definitely look cleaner and whiter than usual.