Make Being Healthy Holiday Before Too Late

When the holidays are the perfect time for parents and children to spend time together. When children are not preoccupied with learning routines parents can take time off for a little bit out of routine work, and then spend time together for a healthy vacation.

Why is healthy? According to some researchers, the activity during the holidays it can make us unhealthy. This is shown by the fact that patients in some hospitals, clinics, and doctors have increased after the long school holidays.

Some patients who come post-holiday are generally due to indigestion. Indigestion is often suffered by patients who have relapsed or are diarrhea. Generally, during the holidays most of us are not too concerned with the food or drink we consume.

Patients with diarrhea comes after eating certain foods. In addition to food hygiene factors we must also consider the quality of the food that will be consumed. Foods that can trigger the occurrence of diarrhea among other foods containing seafood or spicy foods.

Sea food is generally stored in the ice box or refrigerator. Problems arise if the sea food is not stored in chilled or frozen conditions, because it can cause the product to be defective. Diarrhea occurs usually within 6-8 hours after eating sea food.

Spicy foods also trigger diarrhea. Some patients come to the doctor because of diarrhea usually after eating too spicy. Some patients who come in after eating spicy foods is experiencing the pain and heat in the solar plexus. While patients who have suffered accidental anus hemorrhoid will feel hot after eating the spicy chips.

The doctors are also reminded that the holidays examine total calorie consumption. Because the kids during the holidays tend to be in front of the TV, watching or playing games with high-calorie snacks. Likewise parents, doing the same thing.

To stay healthy during the holidays, before the fee should be the following. Limit your intake of sweets and fatty foods that have a high calorific value. Avoid foods that contain high cholesterol and purines such as bowel, especially if already obese or have high cholesterol disorders or high uric acid levels.

Try to keep exercise during the holidays, such as walking for at least 30 minutes every day. Consumption of 8-10 glasses of water per day. Smart anticipating unfriendly weather. Willing umbrella before it rains, warm clothes need to be prepared to anticipate cold weather occur suddenly after hot weather.

Never too late to be healthy. If during a parent and child is not physically activity, immediately made a list. Hill hiking or touring bike to visit historic places is a healthy activity, and will add to the body of knowledge. Congratulations to fill the holiday.