Exoticism massage in Kuta Bali

Curly blond hair still wet and braided horse. Buti-grain-notol menotol saltwater over her body. Diselonjorkan slender white legs and her head resting on top of a thick folded towel. His blue eyes staring into the white clouds in between the two in the afternoon sun. Waves and ripples continue to work, coming and going, rumbling voice.

An elderly mother tanned dark skinned, in contrast to Caucasian skin, the oil began membalurkan her upper thigh down to his toes and massaging mijatnya. A moment later the mother berkain batik was rather shabby white that turned his stomach. Starting his neck, then to the back, to the rubber bikini bottom and push the oil and apply it stresses the fingertips, forward, backward, forward, backward … A massage close my eyes, all seems to be comfortable. Probably asleep by the wind caresses the beach.

Meanwhile, about 12 feet from her earlier in the direction of the coast lie two Caucasian women were also bikinis, sun bathing. One person was obese, middle age, arms and thighs sagged, her skin mottled brown; another much younger, thinner and beautiful look for the size of Indonesia, perhaps his son, was reading a thick book. A few feet away, so feet away from being there and so many feet away from being over there, there is also a similar view of the passing people. There are so many, countless in number.

So everyday on the beach “hottest” and terdemam in Bali, Kuta. First John Travolta has Saturday Night Fever, Saturday night fever, but has instead Kuta Every Night Fever, a fever every night. Kuta, Legian, Kuta and Tanah Lot are just a handful of the dozens of attractions that favored Caucasians because the “air” heat. There are familiar 5S there: sun, sun bathing; sand, sand-drying; song, song discotheques, cafes; shows, music stage, and sex, samen-leven, free sex. That all of course not free from drugs and prostitution from the petty to the elite class, luxury and VIP. Lodging in Kuta there’s another one, namely surfing, both in the surf and beach volleyball sports a fantastic ow ow …

Kuta, the many tourist destinations, is the name of the most popular because it is so exotic. White sand beaches all with the familiar embrace of foreign bodies as well as domestic tourists. Embrace it start from the beach shirted Hawaiian baggy shorts, which just wrapped up wearing only bikini “triangle” or monokini. A completely naked without any clothes there, lying like a mermaid, especially in Legian. That white tourists who take it easy as if it were in the country which is too permissive above may or nudist lifestyle.

Procession of events above a daily routine, like formal events scheduled. After wetting his body with water, exhausted swimming, surfing or just stroll along the water line, tourists usually ask for a massage under the trees on the beach with no obstructions. It is easy to watch and not necessary to hesitate because it was unusual. The day-to-day living there already understand it is, not surprised anymore. Its kinda holding my breath the first time must have been the first to come to the Kuta, Legian and surrounding areas. It naturally happened because he saw was the only albino body draped in the “secret” is no secret. Hours and hours of hot free show was held there, changing from one person to another and from one race to another race, from one nation to another nation. Complete all from all over the world.

That Bali, portraits of “heaven” of the world, the people said. It is said that more foreign tourists know Bali than Indonesia. Indonesia’s Bali on which part? So often I hear that joke. Prestige of Bali Indonesia is exceeded. *